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This is Radio Free Galisteo's Rebroadcast of the Grassroots Emergency Election Protection Coalition Zoom call #87  from 21 March 2022 hosted by Harvey Wasserman.   Every Wednesday you can catch the latest rebroadcast on Radio Free Galisteo from 4 to 6 PM mountain time.  Here's what's in store in this episode: 


Our GREEP zoom #87 leaps into the issue of Civic Duty Voting with the great MILES RAPOPORT, former Secretary of State of Connecticut. Miles has served as president of Common Cause and Demos.  He is most recently the co-author, with E.J. DIONNE, of 100% Democracy being published this week by New Press. Miles’s discussion of universal mandatory voting is groundbreaking and fascinating.  He’s a great presenter and his hour with us is utterly riveting.  

We then hear from MYLA RESON and election protection activists SUSAN YOUNG and TERRI BURKE about the major challenges facing voters in Texas.  Leading that agenda is a brutal race for Attorney-General, where a grassroots victory could be a game-changer nationwide.

We follow with an astounding dive into the unreal rabbit hole that is Ohio.  As we hear from RACHEL COYLE,  DAVID DEWITT and STEVE CARUSO, GOP fanatics have trashed public mandates to draw fair and balanced districts for upcoming elections for the state legislature and US Congress.  

The result is that Ohio does not have Congressional districts or state Legislative districts with which conduct a primary election.  It would be hard to invent a wackier debacle.  STAY TUNED!!!

Here's the Youtube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YZN_iwP-Wd0 

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